New Life Christian School

FACTS Tuition Management FAQ


Existing Families with Established FACTS Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FACTS?

FACTS Tuition Management is a secure company with a proven track record that allows families to have multiple payment options for tuition payments. It is an electronic automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or credit card (processing fee for credit card).

2. Is FACTS mandatory for all families?

Yes, all families must be enrolled with the FACTS management for tuition payment.

3. Can I still use a monthly or other payment plan?

Yes, in fact you will have more options with your payment plan.

Options include:

A. Pay in full by check, cash, money order, credit card or combination directly to NLCS.

B. 10 Monthly Payments of equal amounts Aug-May on the 20th or 5th of each month.

C.  Monthly payments using your credit card (+2.5 % processing fee)

4. Is there a charge for this service?

Payments are as follows concerning tuition payment options:

Plan A: (Paid in full- no charge) and approximate $100 savings.

Plan B:  $45 per year

Plan C:  A convenience fee for credit card payments (2.5%)

5. What about late fees?

Families are always able to make adjustments to their payment schedule to avoid non-sufficient fund fees. If a payment is attempted, FACTS will charge a
$30 returned payment fee for each attempt that is returned. This fee is charged, in part, to offset the fees FACTS is assessed by our financial institution when
your payment is missed or returned.

6. How do I set- up my payments?

Click on the provided E-Cashier link at the top of this page. If you do not have computer access, please contact the school and arrangements will be made.

7. What about Curriculum and Fees?
Curriculum can be paid in full by the school's provided date or can be billed in 3 installments (Sept-Nov).  You will receive your Curriculum and Fees information in early August.

8. I am worried about security; will the school be able to deduct money from my account without my knowledge?

No, This is a common misconception about automatic payments. No one other than you and your financial institution has access to your account. When you set up
automatic payments, you have authorized a specific payment amount to be paid on a specific date by your bank or to be processed to your credit card. You have more
privacy with automatic payments than by writing a check. Bank research has shown that as many as 10 people handle a check from the time it is written until the funds
are finally deducted from your account. Most checks include your name, address, phone number, and other financial information, which can be easily copied. With electronic payments, the transaction passes electronically from bank to bank. Any information you share with FACTS / Nelnet Business Solutions is completely confidential. We do not share any information with unauthorized third parties.

9. I am concerned and still have more questions? What should I do?

Please also visit the FACTS website for more FAQ's,  Click here...