It started with a dream in the heart of Guy E. Roam.  It became a reality when New Life Christian School opened as Kindergarten-12th grade school in 1974.  Since then NLCS has transformed from typewriters to computers, written letters to e-mail, 16mm to DVD, video classes to satellite classes to wide area networks, with each change being a move forward in educating our children.

Under the leadership of each pastor, administrators, and staff, many have given of themselves to continue the dream for New Life families, area churches, and the surrounding community.  Administrators have included Paul Mueller (1974-78), Jean Boatman (1979), Dennis Ashcroft (1980), Roger Tidwell (1981-85), Anna Mueller (1986-95), Anthony Braswell (1996-2001), Andrew Countaway (2002-03), Rudy Becton (2004-05), and Anthony Braswell (2005-present).

In the first 43 years, New Life Christian School has touched the lives of over 5,000 students, graduated over 200 students, and sent the majority of those on to various institutions of higher learning.  The impact of Christian Education is evident in the quality  of the young people it has produced.  Students have been awarded scholarships to the University of Missouri, Washington University, Southern Illinois University, Missouri Baptist University, Gateway College of Evangelism, Southeast Missouri State University, Truman State, Lindenwood University, UMSL, and more.  Many former students are serving in the ministry as pastors, evangelists, teachers, and professionals in many fields as a direct result.

Christian Education is alive and thriving at New Life Christian School.  NLCS strives to impact young lives to achieve excellence in  Christian character and academic excellence.  The dream continues for future generations

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